5 Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana You Don’t Know Yet


Before we jump into the medical sector, let’s get to know a bit about marijuana for which it has been quite a topic people are more interested in. Marijuana commonly known as weed is an organic plant in which there unbelievable advantages and also the things that can be performed from the plant. As per the name is given in the science sector is termed ‘cannabis’.

5 Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana You Must Know!

To go in the much deeper study, the plant has a tremendous amount of compounds and among the components, the most infiltrating compound present in the plant is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Adding up a fact about the compounds, the human body is also capable of generating such substances inside a human body as it is the most sophisticated chemical factory. People mostly use it for recreational purpose but is termed illegal in several countries.

In the coming years, many types of research have come up using marijuana. As per the researches, it resulted in very helpful medicine and also it has the potential to cure many diseases. Let’s see about the things that are known about the use of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana is also referred to as ‘Marinol’, this name can be taken as the synthetic form of marijuana. And there are ranges of tablets in which it has been categorized. We can have it in 2.5mg, 5mg & 10mg according to the use of it. For the record, there are any ups-downs in the history of cannabis, but for the period when medical marijuana started. After a long process, in 1996, California officially became the first state to set free the use of cannabis for medical purposes, and presently more states and countries have become aware of legalizing marijuana for medical use.

Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

Now, as I have been mentioning the description or the intro about the herb, but now let’s get into the sector of the advantages and how it can help to make our lives better. There are numerous advantages to the use of medical marijuana, we cannot discuss all at once. As it would take some more learning to get to know about it all. Top 5 benefits of using medical cannabis.

1. The herb protects the brain from trauma & concussion

The study of Cerebral Cortex has given us a huge possibility that the use of marijuana can aid in reducing the traumatic brain injury, where the shaking of the head can be minimized and also for another physical injury (trauma). For the verification of the usage, it was tested with mice with a traumatic injury in which the herb helped in healing the bruising of the brain. Most importantly, after research made from several doctors/researchers resulted in, marijuana has a very high rate of neuroprotective characteristics, which is suggested to use for athletes.

2. Aids on the brain after a stroke

This may make a clear thought about how it might have help for medical purposes, as she contains a high amount of neuroprotective characteristics. The process was tested on monkeys, rats, from the University of Nottingham. The study the following species resulted in, the medicine can help form the injury affected by the stroke by dropping the area affected by it. Not only the purpose of healing but also the process for using it may take less time than other expensive medications.

3. It takes your anxiety from 100 to 0 real quick

Loads of researches have been made upon anxiety, as it has been a major problem for humans. So study for the plant was conducted in 2010, at Harvard University. The usage can minimize the rate of anxiety. The user shall have a sedative impact and also it helps in getting our mood fresh.

4. Treatment for the Glaucoma

The use of cannabis can help to cure the problems occurring with our eye (glaucoma) in several cases. When you feel intense pressure in the eyeball, where the optic nerve has been injured. In the process also the sight power is lowered. With the use of medical marijuana, Glaucoma can be treated.

5.Reduction of cancer cells from spreading  

According to the research, form the study of cancer, marijuana has the quality to stop cancer by restricting a gene termed ID-1. As the study went further, conducting the test having breast cancer containing a high amount of ID-1, which was able to be cured by cannabidiol. The result is positive in stopping id ID-1 from growing and spreading.



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