3 Best Drugstore Color Corrector For Dark Circles That Works Like Magic

3 Best Drugstore Color Corrector For Dark Circles That Works Like Magic

If uneven skin tone has been disturbing you, don’t worry makeup has come a long way. Colour correctors have made even skin tones and contoured perfection an achievable target. Whether your goal is to conceal dark circles, redness, dark spots or pigmentation color-correcting formulas can help you get a flawless complexion. 

Best Drugstore Color Corrector For Dark Circles That Works Like Magic

If you are on a budget and still want a good color collector don’t worry we have your back.  It’s time to hit the drugstore and get your hands on color correctors- the swear by a formula that celebrities use to hide the flaws and get flawless- great looking skin. Here is a list of 3 Best drugstore color corrector for dark circles and other skin imperfections. Let’s get started!

Before we get into the topic itself, here is a rundown on color correction and how and were each color need to be used. A complete 101 guide to using the right colors.

  • Yellow collector is great for canceling out purple and calms mild redness in the skin. If you’re under eye circles are purple/blueish in color then yellow color would great to hide your imperfection
  • Purple corrector works miraculously in canceling out yellowness, dullness and combats sallow undertones. Giving you a fresh look.
  • Pink corrector is great if you have a lot of dark spots and dullness.this also works great for age and sun spots on dull skin.
  • Green corrector is great to shut down angry pimples, sunburn or intense redness on your face, green is your go-to color for these issues.
  •  Red corrector helps in canceling out green. If you have stubborn dark circles on dark skin which need to be covered then red is what you need.
  • Orange/Peach corrector is what you need if you want to get rid of the blues on your skin. A peach color corrector is perfect for dark spots, bruised skin, and dark circles especially for medium to deep skin tones.

Here are our top 3 picks: 

1. Tarte Wipeout Color-Correcting Palette

tarte wipeout color-correcting palette

The perfect all-in-one palette by Tarte Cosmetics is an ideal pick for starters, the palette has six shades to combat discoloration, contour, balance, and brighten the skin. All you need to do is tap the cream on the problem area using a stiff brush and buff it out with a fluffy brush and blend well. Bam! There you go, you can see the difference for yourself.

2. Stila Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette

stila correct & perfect all-in-one color correcting palette

This palette by Stila is a hear winner, the palette not just looks great but is also a great corrector you can carry around. The box has five velvety-smooth cream correctors and two tinted setting powders. These have buildable coverage while the formula is in rich in vitamins A, C, and E.  this corrector is lightweight, non-greasy and best of all waterproof.

3. MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Palette

mac studio conceal & correct palette

This palette is much loved among makeup artists. It has a combination of four concealers and two corrector shades in a medium-deep color spectrum. This formula is enriched with antioxidants and is suitable for all skin types. These colors can be used individually or can be mixed up and used. This palette comes in four different shade options: light, medium, medium-deep, and dark. It is long lasting, waterproof and has great consistency.

I hope the above article on, “3 Best drugstore color corrector for dark circles that works like magic”  help you chose the one perfect for you. All these three palettes are great and perfect for all skin types. Let us know what you guys think.


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